Saturday, May 15, 2010

London and Paris

What up y'all??
Jay and I are in Strasbourg right now and we figured we should update you on our adventures while we have suitable internet access(although still a confusing keyboard).
*Becca: After a very hectic departure from Molly and Kevin's, we took our flight to London. There, of course, were crying babies, so neither Jay nor I got any sleep. However, we ended up passing out in a train station cafe after lunch at a pub. Mushy peas are fantastic!! The Chunnel was quick and easy, although there were definitely some interesting characters: an old man who was eating a sandwich was honestly making sounds out of his mouth that I've never heard. He was actually SMACKING his food. Lots of confused Asians too, but the ride was gorgeous! We got to Paris really exhausted and running on almost no sleep. Our hostel sucked.(way to go Becca on that one) we had to take showers in 15 sec intervals because thats how long the water lasted. Paris itself was great though! Jay and I walked all day and were able to see the Musée Orsay for free!! That was awesome; loved the vangogh and monet exhibits. We also saw the Eiffel tower, cool rollerskating dudes, the outside of the Notre Dame(there was a loonnngg wait to get in; due to some saint's day and the festival of bread?) We saw the Louvre today and then had sone delicious crepes for lunch. Got on our train to Strasbourg and we're here!! Oh, Jay and I spend 80 percent of the trip talking like were Minnesotan tourists, its extremely entertaining and VERY Rick. He would be proud...

Love y'all and talk to you soon!!


Becca pretty much covered everything but i'll add my two cents...

Things Parisians are good at:
1. Public parks
2. Food
3. Museums
4. Making life very difficult at every turn

Things Parisians are bad at:
1. Signage
2. Convenience
3. Making hostels not smell awful

All in all we really enjoyed paris and had a great time (even if we are sore from walking everywhere) but glad to be in the ,ore peaceful city of Strasbourg. We'll keep y'all updated.

love, Jay


  1. Before passing out in pubs, etc. make sure your belongings are strapped to your body! Can't wait for the next update, oh what fun (I sound like one of those songs on your childhood cassettes)!

  2. Strausborg is great--i spent a couple days there back on my adventure--make sure you hit up the pastry shops--you get the best of German and French calorie intake there...